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She was born in Mar del Plata in a family dedicated to construction.

In 1993 she obtained the title of Architect at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Mar del Plata, having integrated the group of teachers in the area of architectural design under the Arch. Chair of Roberto Jacubowicz .
In the 90's she traveled to Spain where she joined the Faculty of Seville.
Later she resides in Firenze, Italy in whose Faculty of Architecture she homologates her title to that of the European community and studies language and art at the University of Studi di Firenze.
For a period of 5 years she is part of the studio of Engineer Angel Antonio Sanchez-Cabezudo, acquiring knowledge in engineering applied to large-scale works.
In 1994 she began her activity as an independent professional carrying out renovations, new works, commercial installations and interior design in  Mar del Plata where she found the right space to evolve her vision of architecture.

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